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Coffee and Stout Soap

$ 7.00
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This exfoliating scented soap contains ingredients that cleanse and refresh, as well as moisturize. It gives skin the edge it needs to protect it from day to day stress.

You will receive a beautifully packaged 4-5oz bar deliciously made with real stout beer and fair trade coffee.

This exfoliating soap contains coffee grounds, which help to exfoliate and leave skin feeling smooth. The beer and coffee provide antioxidants and anti-aging properties. They also help make your skin extra smooth. Those lovely ingredients, coupled with organic coconut oil and organic cocoa butter will help leave your skin clean and soft.

The beer used in the soap is a Washington-local beer as Whiskey Ink & Lace is based in Seattle.

Even the coffee and grinds for the Coffee and Stout Soap are specially procured. They grind the coffee grounds themselves, fresh before putting them in the soap, to ensure they’re as coarse or fine as we like. They use the pour-over method to make the coffee, using a Chem-ex coffee maker because it preserves the higher and brighter fragrant notes of the coffee. And because frankly they are coffee snobs at Whiskey, Ink, & Lace.

Non-comedogenic. All natural ingredients and no added fragrances. Vegan and organic ingredients and palm-oil free!