Our Story

It all started many years ago in southern California. I loved to shop! Where I grew up, there were tons of resale shops. You could leisurely peruse many racks of gently worn clothes and always find a treasure. They were all Buy, Sell, Trade.  No waiting for your items to sell, cash or trade on the spot!
My other favorite part about where I grew up was just down the street from my favorite Buffalo Exchange.  It was a furniture store that did the same thing but for knick knacks and furniture. I kept thinking how cool it would be to have a store that combined both new and resale clothing as well as sold reclaimed furniture. It would be a one-stop shop for me!

Fast forward to 1998, I moved to Boston. A girl from southern California on the east coast who knew no one but needed a change. I met my husband only a few short months after moving here and it was love at first sight. He swept me off my feet and started making my dreams come true. After getting married, he told me I could leave my job in finance to work at a small French boutique in Back Bay. That is where my love for all things retail formed. It is here that I realized how much I loved customer service, merchandising and packaging. I never looked back.

My husband was working for his family in metal fabrication. He was always good with his hands and loved to build and revamp anything and everything. He can draw anything he can dream up freehand and is the most talented individual I have ever known. Together, we said “he can make anything and I can sell anything” but all I ever wanted to do was have my boutique. More years went by, we had a few babies and just settled into life as we knew it. It was good, but something was still missing for us. Shortly after having our second son, I returned to my job and was not satisfied. Like the true knight in shining armor my husband is, he told me to quit if I wasn’t happy. Of course, I freaked out! He said that we could use our savings to get by until I find another job. 2 weeks after I left my job, he told me that I should start the boutique I had dreamt of for so long. “It was now or never” and he was right!

We searched for the right location (because location is everything) and 72 Washington fell into my sights. Upon signing my first commercial lease, it only took 4 weeks for us to build out and fill our store with beautiful furniture, fixtures and clothing. My husband did the entire build out himself and has done every piece of furniture we stock in the store. We have since scaled back on the furniture but still love doing it none-the-less!

Less then a year after opening our women’s store, the opportunity for 244 Essex came about and Re-Find men’s was born. My husband finally has a place he can feel a part of and he goes on buying trips to NYC as well as scouring the catalogs and websites of our vendors to select the exact right mix of new merchandise.  **We have since closed our men's location and merged the 2 into our Washington Street space.**











If it wasn’t for my amazing husband and his love and encouragement, none of this would have been possible. Now that he has made my dreams come true, I need to come up with some new dreams!